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Our Services

Based on customer business needs; Radix provides its services by either providing dedicated IT professionals in the form of business processes outsourcing (BPO) or by providing turnkey solutions and projects (IT Outsourcing-ITO). Our services include solutions design, requirements analysis, software development, APIs development, integration, quality assurance, maintenance and support, and they cover the below verticals:

Mobile Applications Development

Believing in mobility business trends, Mobile Applications Development is the leading service at Radix Technologies. Radix team includes professionals with international projects experience in Android and iOS native applications development (Backend and Frontend) including user interface and experience design (UI/UX).

Web Applications Development

Radix Technologies web applications development services vary from basic informative website to advance customized responsive full-stack web applications. Focusing on the user experience. Radix Technologies team enjoys enough creativity and efficiency to deliver different kinds of web applications. Radix Technologies team has wide range experience in different web development platforms and programming languages.

Custom Solutions Development

Radix Technologies offers end to end (turnkey) custom software solutions including full or partial combination of desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps, and integration services. The best fit software solution architecture and optimized user experience is the focus of Radix Technologies team to deliver user friendly, robust and scalable solutions. Radix Technologies team has experience in different software development languages and platforms.

Cloud Development

Since the Cloud Computing become one of the most high demand and important norm worldwide & since Radix technologies keep focusing on the cutting-edge technologies with worldwide demand , Radix technologies build a very specialized team for cloud development works on the top popular and robust cloud environments.


Radix Technologies has dynamic company structure that would align its working model according to a win-win setup with its clients he wor ing odels would cater or clients location needs whether on re ise, onshore or offshore, and also based on time allocation needs whether yearly, monthly, daily or even hourly to help our clients to optimize o erational e ciencies in cost effective anner by scaling u the resources based on the real need.


Radix Technologies is a software development company that was established in 2015 to focus mainly on software development outsourcing for MENA region and international markets.

Radix Technologies is committed to satisfy its customers by combining the best available IT professionals, platforms, technologies and solutions together to get the job done as originally envisioned, with high quality, cost effective and to the best interest of the client.